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What it is

Terminology and knowledge software for professional interpreters

InterpretBank is an intuitive terminology tool to create and manage multilingual glossaries. It supports easy glossary sharing with colleagues, you can keep your database in the cloud (DropBox, OneDrive, etc.) and access it from several devices (your PC and laptop), you can easily import and export your data, it helps you to create your glossaries by means of automatic translation and connection with your favourite online terminology databases, and much more. It has a powerful conference modality called ConferenceMode for looking up glossaries in the booth, and an easy to use tool to memorize terms. To help you preparing a new assignment, it can interact with the Web to search for translations and definitions or look up terms directly in your reference texts. A brand new version (4) is coming out in the next months. So stay tuned!

VERSION 4 coming out in summer!

Create and edit glossaries

Create and edit your glossaries or import your legacy glossaries created in Excel or Word, find translations automatically on the Web, organize your terms by assignment or domain, integrate your preparatory texts and much more.

Memorize glossaries

Before the beginning of an assignment, visually learn the terms of your glossary with this extremely easy to use memorization utility.

Look up your glossary

In the booth, you concentrate on interpreting. InterpretBank helps you to quickly look up specialized terminology.

How it works

Easy to learn. Easy to use. Easy to love.

InterpretBank is a modular tool: speed up your preparation writing better specialized glossaries or import your old ones using the Edit modality (TermMode); memorize the most important terms before the beginning of the conference with the Memorization modality (MemoryMode); and finally in the booth, look up difficult or less recurrent terms with the Conference modality (ConferenceMode). Click on the images to discover more about the single modules or see the Features section for an overview!

Edit modality

Create, edit and manage your glossaries

- All your glossaries are saved in a unique database, making them easily reusable in the future
- Writing glossaries is quick: you can search multiple websites recommended by interpreters simultaneously (for example IATE, LEO etc.), automatic translation and so forth
- Sort your table by various criteria
- Import your legacy glossaries
- Easy exchange glossaries with colleagues

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Memorization modality

Learn your glossary

- Visual learning of conference glossaries
- Scuffle terms for better memorization

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Conference modality

Look up terms in a booth-friendly way

- Quick search designed for the booth
- Search only in source language or in all languages
- Automatic error correction
- Accent and case insensitive

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Key features

When working on a specialized conference, professional communication requires the use of correct terminology. Discover some of the features and services that help you to improve your interpreting quality during the preparation of your assignment and during interpreting.

Designed for the booth

Non-invasive look up of terms

Search your specialized glossary quickly without extra disturbing the interpreting process. If you can't find your term in the conference glossary, InterpretBank will automatically search in all your database, helping you access all your terminological resources. It corrects typing errors (you can do while writing your glossary or looking it up), exclude non-lexical words (articles, etc.), search accent and case insensitive, search only in the source language or in all glossary languages, and much more! Just find the options that suit you best!


Memorize your terms

Before the conference begins, you can memorize your glossaries in a simple and visual way! The terms are shown alternatively in the source and in the target language. You can step to the next term manually or automatically setting the speed in seconds. To improve memorization, you can scuffle the word order and the language. The software is useful to memorize small glossaries (~50-200 terms) before the beginning of the event.

Automatic translation

Speed up your glossary creation

Start finding the best translation for your terms with the suggestions of our automatic translation utility. It can save you a lot of time! At the moment we are proud to count on services like the well-know translation portals, mymemory or free resources like Wikipedia. Or you can navigate between the different terminology websites to see what each came up with. The number of sites you can directly access to is continually growing. The websites are recommended by professional interpreters around the world.

Integration of preparatory text

Look up terms in your preparatory texts

You have received from your customer presentations in PowerPoint or documents in PDF. Integrate them in your conference glossary and look them up directly from it using this concordancer utility. Right click on a term in your glossary and you will get all examples of this term from the texts: this is the best way to learn how terms are used in real contexts by the conference participants!

Find definitions for your terms

Integrate term definitions found on the Web

Use the information richness of the Web to to write better glossaries or to better understand the topic you are working on! While you are creating a glossary, you can mark a term and find definitions in both the original and target language

Lookup online databases

Find translation on your preferred online dictionary

What do you do when you miss a translation for a term in your glossary? You open Internet and search your preferred online dictionary or terminological database, right? Most times you have to digit the Web address, set source and target language and type the word you are searching for. Let InterpretBank do it for you, just a right click on the word... that's all! If you want you can simultaneously open several databases at once, in a single Browser tab!

University Program & Research

InterpretBank has been developed at the Faculty for Translation and Interpreting of the University of Mainz/Germersheim. With this academic vocation in mind, we want to facilitate universities opening up to the world of computer-assisted interpreting (CAI) and offer them special conditions (in many cases free licenses) to teach InterpretBank. We do a lot of academic research in the field of CAI and offer the tool and our support to any researcher who wants to do research in the field. Below you can find some selected publications on InterpretBank

Universities teaching InterpretBank

The following are the universities that have introduced a dedicated "computer-assisted interpreting" class teaching new technologies in the context of interpreting. These universities teach InterpretBank as one of the main tools:

Scuola di Lingue e Letterature, Traduzione e Interpretazione Forlì/Bologna (Italy) here
Universität Innsbruck (Austria) here
Universität Leipzig (Germany) here

There are many other universities where teachers present tools for interpreters in their classes. This is a list of universities which have received free or campus licenses to teach InterpretBank

Bellevue College, Washington (USA) here
New York University (USA) here
ZHAW Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (Switzerland) here
Fachhochschule Köln (Germany) here
University of Osijek (Croatia) here
Tuzla University (Bosnia and Herzegovina) here
KU Leuven (Belgium) here
Universität Wien (Austria) here
University of the West India here

Ask us for a free university license (temporary license) or for a permanent license for your labs (small fee applies)!

Academic Research on InterpretBank

Fantinuoli, C. "InterpretBank. Redefining computer-assisted interpreting tools". Proceedings of the Translating and the Computer 38 Conference in London. Geneva: Editions Tradulex, 42-52 (2016).
Biagini, G. Glossario cartaceo e glossario elettronico durante l'interpretazione simultanea: uno studio comparativo (Printed Glossary and Electronic Glossary in Simultaneous Interpretation: A Comparative Study). Thesis, Università degli studi di Trieste (2016)
Prandi, B. The use of CAI tools in interpreters' training: A pilot study. In Proceedings of the 37 Conference Translating and the Computer, London (2015).
Fantinuoli, C. "Computerlinguistik in der Dolmetschpraxis unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Korpusanalyse". Translation: Corpora, Computation, Cognition. Special Issue on Parallel Corpora: Annotation, Exploitation, Evaluation. TC3, 1(1), (2011).
Fantinuoli, C. "InterpretBank: Ein Tool zum Wissens- und Terminologiemanagement für Simultandolmetscher". In: Baur, Wolf & Kalina, Sylvia, & Mayer, Felix & Witzel, Jutta (Eds.) Übersetzen in die Zukunft. Herausforderungen der Globalisierung für Dolmetscher und Übersetzer. Tagungsband der internationalen Fachkonferenz des Bundesverbandes der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer e.V. (BDÜ), 411-417. Berlin: BDÜ (2009).
Fantinuoli, C. " Specialized Corpora from the Web for Simultaneous Interpreters". In: Marco Baroni and Silvia Bernardini (eds.) Wacky! Working papers on the Web as Corpus, 173-190. Bologna: GEDIT (2006).


06/02/2017 - Working on Voice Recognition!

23/11/2016 - The release of the brand new version (4) of InterpretBank takes more time. This time we want to take our time to lunch a new version which is perfect from the first day. New features (we have heard your needs), much simpler to use, intuitive and more power. We are also working on a new Website with usueful features for the user and much more.

19/11/2016 - The new developments of InterpretBank have been presented at the conference Translating and the computer, 38, in London. A lot of interest among the participants. Maybe a new cooperation with IATE for the future.

04/07/2016 - We are proud to announce that a new version of InterpretBank will come out end of summer. This will not be just an update but a real new version featuring a lot of new functions. We are rewriting the code now and will post on our Facebook site all the news!

16/05/2016 - A new module for Computer-aided interpreter preparation will be presented at the Translation and Interpreting Conference held at the University of Trieste/Italy. The free module allows you to collect reference texts from the Web, extract terminology, find collocations and discover how conference partecipants really speak and create better glossaries.

01/05/2016 - An update will come out in July featuring: quicker search engine with big database, improved import/export, better language visualization, bug fiexes.


Try InterpretBank ( Version 3) for free

You can download, install and try the demo version for free. After installation, you have 30 days to test the software. If you like it, you can buy a license and you will be able to continue using all glossaries you created with the demo version! A brand new version ( Version 4) is coming out soon. If you buy a license now, this will be okay also for the new version!

InterpretBank has been designed for Windows. However, with the next release (Version 4) we will have a version running on Apple too. So stay tuned! For the time being, you can use InterpretBank on a Mac using the officially supported emulation software Crossover. After installing Crossover you can simply install InterpretBank on your Mac and start using it. Many users use this solution (see the user statements at the end of this page). Read here for some alternative ideas on how to run InterpretBank on a Mac. The new version (4) coming out in the next months will run on macs without the need to use additional software.


If you like the software, you can buy a license here.

Full license

99 Euro

A full license entitles you to get free updates of the software. Only for personal use.

Student license

49 Euro

If you are a student, after payment please send us a scan of your valid student ID (it must contain the dates of validity!) at . You will receive a license key within 1 working day.

University license

Free or upon agreement

If you are a university teacher and you want to include this software in your classes, just contact us. We will provide you with 6-months licenses for free! You can use these licenses on university computers or distribute them to your students for installation on laptops. If you need permanent licenses (for your labs), just write us an e-mail, we will send you an offer.

The software is sold in the U.S. by the authorized vendor Fastspring. VAT is applied depending on the country of purchase.

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