v. 5.45 1 July 2018:

  • New feature: first release of the native macOS version of InterpretBank.
  • New feature: booth search functionality: it is now possibile to keep on typing and find translations not only in the active glossary, but also in the entire database and all additional resources (i.e. IATE) even if something has been found in the active glossary. The behaviour can be set by the user.
  • New feature: For EU-accredeted interpreters, it is now possible to search in LITHOS, SCIC terminology datatabse. User need to access to the sistem by means of ECAS login.
  • Improvement: Import of documents in Word (.docx) has been rewritten to grant for better quality.
  • Improvement: Glossary export in Word (.docx) now contains table header (languages).
  • Improvement: Find functionality in Documents: when working with parallel texts, searching for a term in the first document will automatically move the second document so to try to mantian aligment.
  • Fixed: minor bugs in the booth search functionality in some specific contexts/settings.
  • Fixed: minor bugs in the messages in status bar.

v. 5.40 16 June 2018:

  • New feature: search function for imported texts.
  • Improvement: stability improvement of Euro-Lex download.
  • Improvement: import of Excel files.
  • Improvement: minor bugs.

v. 5.35 23 Mai 2018:

  • New feature: automatic import of Euro-Lex multilingual texts.
  • Improvement: search in all leanguages also available for Emergency Search (entire database).
  • Improvement: in the Memory modality terms without a translation are now automatically skipped.

v. 5.31 29 April 2018:

  • Improvement: import of IATE database.
  • Improvement: algorithms of search funtions in conference modality.

v. 5.30 09 April 2018:

  • Improvement: terminology extraction available for EN, FR, ES, DE, IT, NL.

v. 5.03 03 February 2018:

  • Fixed: Hiding buttons for automatic term extraction/key concepts recognition for languages without this functionality.

v. 5.00 30 January 2018:

  • New version: with brand new feature "Documents".

v. 4.014 02 November 2017:

  • Fixed: export for print in some circumstances was limited to 100 entries.

v. 4.010 17 October 2017:

  • New feature: it is now possible to upload on the server (for sharing among colleagues or accessing on mobile devices) more than 1 glossary; the user can filter the terms based on the glossary's name; the table columns are resizable.
  • New feature: the user is prompted automatically after a certain period of time to perform a backup. This option can be disabled in menu Options.
  • New feature: font design has been redesigned and offers now 3 font sizes (small, medium and large).
  • Feature improvement: Memorization modality has been redesigned. It now offers the possibility to click on Known term or Forgotten. Terms flagged as Forgotten will be shown again in order to rehearsal them.
  • Fixed: regarding synchronization, sometimes when changing the folder containing the database, the database was not correctly docked.
  • Fixed: automatic translation from web resources now works for Chinese too.
  • Fixed: in some circumstances, when upgrading from v3 to v4 the old database was not imported.

v. 4.09 25 August 2017: This update solves some issues in starting the Automatic Translation and opening the Web Pages in the Browser. Now it is possible to start these services both from the table and from the input fields. On Windows, the hot keys F1 (start automatic translation) and F2 (search in browser) work now correctly.

v. 4.08 1 July 2017: First public release of version 4.