The ideal solution for interpreting departments

Enterprise Edition

InterpretBank for Interpreting Departments

InterpretBank offers you a computer-assisted solution to streamline the terminology processes in your language service department. Its innovative technologies support your team in creating high-quality terminological resources in less time, manage glossaries in an easy and distraction-free way and make them accessible on a variety of devices, such as desktops, mobiles or tablets.

Main advantages

  • Centralized management of all terminological assets
  • Improvement of glossary creation
  • Use of MSSQL database hosted in YOUR department infrastructure or in OUR cloud
  • Transparent technology
  • Dedicated on-line support

Our solution is future-oriented and already integrates cutting-edge technologies, including automatic terminology extraction in a variety of languages. And we are shaping the future of computer-assisted interpreting. For example, InterpretBank is ready to be used with speech recognition engines to further automatize the lookup process in the booth. All packed in a simple and user-friendly interface for Windows and macOS.

All staff interpreters, and freelancers if desired, can access the same set of terminology. Language service providers can use InterpretBank with a centralized database hosted on an in-house MSSQL database (managed by your IT department) or on a MSSQL database managed by us in the cloud. This solution does not require any particular infrastructure. We have developed InterpretBank with the highest standards of security and data protection in mind.

We are young and dynamic start-up eger to adapt InterpretBank to meet your specific needs. Every institution and enterprise work in a different and specific environment. It is essential to address these needs when adopting a new solution. Describe us your requirements in terms of workflow and infrastructure and we will adapt our Enterprise version accordingly, from major architectural implementations to simply integrate your terminology resources into InterpretBank. We can add new features, extend existing ones, and much more!

For our enterprise clients we offer online and offline workshops to streamline the use of InterpretBank in your service. We listen to your needs and suggest you the best use of our tool.

We support you in installing and maintaining the installation. We release frequent updates to address issues and increase quality and performances. Download our flyer and get in touch with us!

We are already the software of trust for international institutions, such as OECD or several German ministries.

OECD Interpreting Paris
Bundesministerium Gesundheit

InterpretBank Enterprise Overview

  • MSSQL database (MySQL upon request)
  • Database access also for freelancer
  • All data remains inside your IT infrastracture
  • Customization to meet your needs
  • Assistence plans to meet your needs
  • Compliance to security standards
  • Transparent technology for your IT department