InterpretBank on a Mac

Using InterpretBank with Crossover

This is maybe the easiest way to run InterpretBank on a Mac. Crossover allows you to install Windows applications on your Mac. It's easy and there's no Windows license required. Your applications integrate seamlessly on your Mac; just click and run. Try the 14 days demo version of Crossover! InterpretBank is officially supported, have a look. Most functionalities will perfectly work! After installing CrossOver, you can follow this easy instruction to install InterpretBank on your Mac.

Some suggestions coming from users:
- to import/export glossaries from InterpretBank you have to tell Crossover which folders can be shared with InterpretBank. Some are already enabled, you can enable for example your Mac Desktop in Menu CrossOver|Configure|ManageBottle (choose your bottle)|Control Panel (double click on Wine Configuration)|Desktop Integration (you can now add all Mac folders you want!)

A free alternative is Wine. Running InterpretBank with Wine should work (we have not tested it) but seems a bit more complicated as with Crossover.

You need help? Just write us a short mail!

Using a Virtual Machine and Windows

Many Mac users use this solution to run Windows software on their Mac. With a virtualization software (such as Parallels or VMware Fusion or VirtualBox) you can install Windows on your Mac as if it was a normal Mac software. You can run ALL your favorit Windows programs alongside Mac applications without rebooting (as in BootCamp). The software will run exactly as on Windows! What you need is one of the virtualization software and a copy of Windows. We have tested Parallels which is working perfeclty and is extrmely easy to set up!

Installing Windows with BootCamp

With BootCamp (it's a sort of Mac App) you can install Windows on your Mac. At booting you can decide to run Mac OS or Windows. When you are on Windows, you can install and run all Windows software is as on any other PC.

- you runs ANY Windows application
- the software works as on any other Windows machine

- you need a virtualization software
- anytime you boot your Mac you have to decide if running Mac OS or Window