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You can access glossaries created with InterpretBank (Windows/macOS) on mobile devices, for example iPads or Androids tablets/cell phones. To allow accessing a glossary (or a set of glossaries) on a mobile device, InterpretBank will upload your glossary to our secure and encripted server located in Germany. You will access your glossary in a Webbrowser using a personal CODE generated by InterpretBank. You can access your glossary by going to the InterpretBank Mobile webpage and entering the personal code. You can scan the QR code displayed by InterpretBank and directly open your glossary on the mobile device, or you can click on the direct link sent to you per e-mail (you need to enter your e-mail in the InterpretBank's settings). Glossaries are automatic deleted from the server after 14 days and no trace of them will remain on the web.

Video showing InterpretBank Mobile on an iPad


InterpretBank Mobile is based on an original idea by Dr. Claudio Fantinuoli, University of Mainz, Germany. If you need more info about Claudio's work, here is his Academic page.