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*A Freelance license allows a single user to use InterpretBank on two computers sharing the same synchronized database (see User guide).

**What is a Lifelong license for the Freelance edition? Your license key is perpetual and will be always valid for the version of the tool you purchase. Updates for the same version are free and are released until a new version will be published. This is important because InterpretBank continuously receives improvements and new features. However, upgrades to a new version are not included in the license. If you want to upgrade, you will need to pay an upgrade fee to receive a new license for the new version.

***Price in other currencies can be found in the shop. Price plus VAT if applicable depending on local rules.

If you are an institution or an enterprise, let us know your specifc needs. We can work togheter and add features to our tool or adopt commercial solutions that meet your requirements.

Buying a Freelance licence does not entitle you to technical assistance or any special benefits. However, you may reach out to our support team whenever you have technical difficulties or questions.


Freelance Version

After purchasing InterpretBank, you will receive software updates free of charge for the same major version of software you have purchased. Updates are released periodically. These consist of bug fixes, documentation changes and enhancements. See the change log for more information. InterpretBank will prompt the user when an update is available. It is possible to manually update the installation by simply downloading the installer (above) and run it. This will update your installation. Major releases usually happen every eighteen months. These consist of major new features, functionality and new extensions.

Enterprise edition

For the first year from the date of invoice updates/upgrades are free. To extend your Maintenance Agreement for one more year, you need to pay 25% of the list price of your licenses. The price is always calculated from the list prices that are valid on the date you extend your Maintenance Agreement.