InterpretBank can automatically extract the most relevant terminology from your preparatory documents. It now supports English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, but we will soon release this function for other languages! There are many ways InterpretBank can help you with your terminology work, even for the unsupported languages.

You receive some preparatory documents from the event organizer and you want to learn the event-topic and prepare the terminology. You can now save texts in PDF and PowerPoint (Word coming) in your glossary and let InterpretBank extracts the most relevant terms from them. Our intelligent terminology extraction algorithm identifies well-formed and statistically relevant terms for you: this are the terms you really need to know! You can get a list of the most important terms or let the tool highlights the terms directly in your document. So you can learn them in context. From this list or from the single documents, you can easily insert the terms into your glossary. If you want, you can ask InterpretBank for possible translations of the terms and insert term and translation directly in your glossary. This feature dramatically speeds up both glossary creation and terminology quality. If you have texts in both source and target languages, you can check if a translation suggested by the tool fits your context. Just use the integrated concordancer to get sentences containing the terms coming directly from your preparatory documents. You will get examples of word uses in the domain you are interested in!