Easy upgrade from version 6 to version 7

Version 7 is there!

What is new in InterpretBank Version 7

Version 7 introduces many changes to InterpretBank. Here we would like to inform you about whats new in our latest release:

  • We have introduced the Cloud Account. This is a cloud based private space where you can upload your glossaries and access them from any device (for example an iPad) through your Webbrowser. From the Dashboard of your Cloud account, you can open your glossaries from lookup, memorization and forward them to your collegues, even if they do not have InterpretBank. You can also edit your glossaries online. And if you want, you can work on a glossary in a team. Simply share your glossary with a collegue and grant her the possibility to edit online your glossary. If you want to reimport your glossary in your Desktop application, simply take note of the ID of your glossary, enter it in InterpretBank and the glossary will be downloaded on your computer.
  • We have introduced the GlossaryBank. This is an open space where users can upload glossaries to be shared with the community. Glossaries uploaded on the GlossaryBank can be accessed by anyone using a webbrowser, or even download on the Desktop using the download ID. If you have a glossary you would like to make available to other people, GlossaryBank will be your friend.
  • On Windows, a brand new UI Framework has been integrated. This means that the appearance of InterpretBank is even more modern than before.
  • Many User-Machine interactions have been redisigned. This allows InterpretBank to be easier and more intuitive to use. In these areas, there are so many small changes that have been made that it is really impossible to list them all.
  • Term extraction: when you import terms into your glossary from a list of terms automatically extracted from your documents, InterpretBank will learn from your actions in order to improve future extractions. You now can mark terms as "not useful": they will no more appear in the term extraction in the future. Also terms which are already present in your glossary will not be shown in the list of extracted terms. In this way, the more you use the tool, the more customized the extracted terms will be. This option is called SMART. You can always decide if the terminology extraction should use the 'normal' or 'smart' algorithms.
  • You work for a new client? This client has a website with information about its products and activities? Just enter the domain in InterpretBank (menu Cloud), select the language of the webpage, and let InterpretBank create a list of terms typical for this client. This will help you create better and faster glossaries. Furthermore, you will be able to use the concordancer on the texts of this webpage to explore the language used by this client.

How can I upgrade from version 6 to version 7?

Upgrading is very simple! Download the installer for version 7 and install it. That's it! InterpretBnk will do the rest. Once you have done this, simply deinstall Version 6 from your computer.

Upgrading to version 7 is free. Note that version 7 introduces new terms and conditions for updating, upgrading and using the cloud services. These terms are detailled explained here.