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E-mail for commercial questions:

Support - Technical assistance

Technical support is accessible only with a valid Subscription or PRO Package (if you have a perpetual license). You can ask for support with the feature integrated in your Desktop installation (menu "Help | Report an issue") or with the ticketing system available here.
NOTE: Before contacting the support, we advise you to update your installation (menu "Help | Search for an update"). This may solve your issue automatically.
In order to help us with the support, provide us:
  • your activation code (license key)
  • your Operating System
  • what you are trying to do
  • a detailed description of the issue
  • error messages and screenshot
With the above information provided, our average answering time for support requests is 3 hours and 20 minutes. Support requests will be always answered within 48 hours. Requests by mail will not be answered.