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Do you need an exclusive training with a true InterpretBank expert? Take advantage of these sessions designed for both novice and experienced interpreters interested in learning best practices and how to get the most from InterpretBank. For universities, professional associations, institutions, companies, etc. The trainers in this list have extensive experience in InterpretBank and know the tool in and out. They are also experienced trainers, with many hours of dedicated training offered in many formal and informal contexts. Trainers you can 100% trust! For availability and prices, please can contact directly the respective trainer*.

Patrizia Cavallo

Patrizia Cavallo

Italian - Brazilian Portuguese - English (Brasilia Standard Time)

Patrizia is a freelance Italian translator and interpreter trading as Apulia Traduções e Interpretações. Patrizia has a Master’s degree in Interpreting from the University of Bologna, Italy, and a PhD in Lexicography, Terminology and Translation from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, where she currently lives.

Since 2017 she has delivered many workshops and presentations on terminology management tools, including InterpretBank, for Brazilian professional associations, universities and educational institutions, as well as private courses for groups of interpreters. Since 2018 she has been teaching Terminology Management Tools at Interpret2B, a Brazilian online interpreter training provider.

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Claudio Russello

Claudio Russello

Italian - English – Spanish (Timezone: CET)

Claudio is Lecturer in the Faculty of Interpreting and Translation of UNINT – University of Rome, where he has been teaching Computer-Assisted Interpreting, including InterpretBank, Real-time subtitling and Theory of Interpretation since 2015. Along with the academic activity, he has also delivered training courses on CAI tools for individuals and private groups of professional interpreters.

His research interests include all new and emerging AI solutions for professional interpreting and interpreters’ training, he has supervised several experimental research projects and MA theses on CAI and he is currently investigator on the ¡Sub! Localisation workflows that work project (UNINT-Roehampton) on cloud subtitling.


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Bianca Prandi

Bianca Prandi

English - Italian - German (Timezone: CET)

Bianca has been conducting research on CAI since 2015 and published extensively on the topic. She has held numerous webinars, seminars and presentations on CAI tools and InterpretBank for professional associations such as AIIC, AITI and the VKD, as well as training institutions such as the University of Trieste and EMCI member universities.

She is an instructor in the Certificate Course Interpreting with new media at the Postagraduate Center of the University of Vienna. She is the co-founder of InterpreMY.

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*All trainers operate indipendently from InterpretBank and are the solely responsable for their offer and fees.