Experience the power of InterpretBank's WebApp, the ultimate tool for professionals on the move. This cutting-edge platform transforms your glossary management, enabling access from any device, anywhere, without additional installations. Simply visit www.interpretbank.com/app to dive into a world of seamless linguistic resources.

With the WebApp, effortlessly synchronize your glossaries between desktop and cloud. Take control of when and how to update your database, ensuring your data remains current and accurate. The intuitive Dashboard interface showcases your glossaries, ready for lookup, memorization, or sharing with a tap.

You can use the WebApp on any device, whether it's a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Upload your glossary database from your Desktop to your private WebApp account and look up, learn, and share glossaries with your colleagues, without them needing to own an InterpretBank license.

Your data is securely stored on our EU server and remains private. It is not shared or used to train AI resources.

Main features of the WebApp

  • Works on any device (iPhone, iPad, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux)
  • One-click upload and download your glossaries database Desktop <> Webapp
  • Fast Lookup of glossaries, even without Internet connection
  • Two Memorization views: Classic and Swipe
  • Share/Unshare single glossaries with any colleagues (no license required)
  • Create new glossaries directly from the WebApp
  • AI Notepad for intelligent support (only on Desktop devices)

Unlock the full potential of InterpretBank Desktop with the WebApp. It is included in any Subscription and, in case of a Perpetual license, whenever you have a valid PRO Pack. Whether it's for individual use or collaborative efforts, sharing and managing glossaries is a breeze, providing both you and your colleagues with the essential tools for linguistic success.

Not only glossary lookup and sharing. Learn glossaries on the move! Tailor your learning and sharing processes, engage with content through dynamic flashcards. InterpretBank's WebApp isn't just a tool; it's the future of efficient and effective language management.




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